UK Visa Sponsorship:


For ages, there has always been a shortage of medical staff in the UK. The number of medical staff needed in the country is not being met by UK citizens. This has led to tremendous opportunities for medical staff to work and get high living standards in the UK.

It’s a great concern of the UK Govt. to fulfil the scarcity of Medical Staff in the UK. This is for both NHS and Private companies. To welcome and attract professionals across the globe UK govt. has to ease the process of immigration as much as possible. From Fast track visa to UK Visa sponsorship, the govt. has introduced several schemes, sponsorships programs by which applicants can come to the UK smoothly without much-awaited delays.

Here, in this blog, you as a dentist/dental hygienist will get each and every necessary information related to process, documentation, and list of sponsors needed to land on UK land.

Tier 2 Visa for Dentist: 


Tier 2 Visa, also called as skilled worker visa, is for those who are trained and skilled professionals with a valid job offer from an authorized licensed sponsor and want to work and live in the UK.They are those professionals who have taken their professional degrees from their own country in recognized universities. 

Eligibility Criteria For Visa Process:



Visa Approval Process: 


  • Several formalities include proofs via paperwork like valid passport, valid grade points, degree proof, Language proficiency, Sponsorship approval, etc. 
  • There are some specific companies that are listed on the website who acts as sponsors and have rights to give sponsorship to those who want to come and get a job in UK. This could be for any field. From the website you just need to find out your most suited field. 
  • Choose your most suited company/ employer from the link of sponsors given.
  • Ask to give you sponsorship
  • Fill their requirements
  • Attach that sponsorship in your visa documents
  • Give an interview and that’s it. 


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Salary Range For A Dental Practitioner Applying For A Tier 2 UK Visa:


  • Foundation year 1 (F1) (Hospital dental services) and equivalent: £30,433
  • Foundation year 2 (F2) (Hospital dental services) and equivalent: £29,912
  • Speciality registrar (StR) and equivalent: £30,002
  • Speciality dentist: £37,176
  • Band A posts (e.g., Community practitioner) and equivalent: £38,095
  • Band B posts (e.g., Senior dental officer) and equivalent: £59,259
  • Band C posts (e.g., Specialist / managerial posts) and equivalent: £70,899
  • Consultant (Hospital dental services) and equivalent: £75,249.

Sponsorship for Dentist & Dental Hygienist:


How Dentists Can Apply For UK Sponsorship:


  • Checklist of sponsors in UK.
  • Check the list of documents needed for that particular company to get sponsorship
  • Apply online for a certificate of sponsorship

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Documents Needed For UK Sponsorship:



 Eligible Designations For Tier 2 Visa Process:


Under the regulations set by NHS, a designation within a company that would be eligible for a tier 2 visa application include:

  • Dental surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • Periodontist
  • Dental assistant
  • Dental nurse
  • Dental nurse-receptionist
  • Dental surgery assistant

List Of Approved UK Employers:



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