What Is PLVE?


PLVE is “Performers List Validation by Experience”, (formally known as Vocational Training by Equivalence) is a process for the dental school graduates all across the globe (non-UK/EEA), who have undertaken their practical clinical experience in their home country to ensure their competence and required experience to work in the NHS within the UK.

Who Needs PLVE- Performers Number?


To become a dentist in UK, Foundation Training/ Vocational Training (VT) certificate is required as defined in the regulations. If you have not undertaken necessary experience or training, you must go through a period of work within a PLVE programme in an approved PLVE dental practice under the supervision of an approved PLVE Validation Supervisor.

NHS England must assess such dental professionals in consultation with Health Education England (HEE), to determine if the dentist is eligible to be added to the performers list. This evaluation is based on the applicant's previous experience and training, including NHS primary care.

Those who are not exempted from the National Health Service(Performers Lists (England), Regulations 2013 must apply for the PLVE.

These Regulations State That:

A dental practitioner is exempt from the requirement to undertake foundation training if the dental practitioner is—

(A) Registered as a dental practitioner by virtue of section 15(1)(b) of the Dentists Act 1984 (registration of nationals of member States who hold the appropriate European diplomas)(e) or is in any other way a person in respect of whom a Member State is prohibited by Community law from imposing such a requirement;

(B) Experienced in primary care as a dental practitioner for a total of at least two years fulltime or an equivalent period part-time—

(i) in community dental service, or
(ii) in the armed forces of the Crown, or

(C) Is judged, through an assessment by a post-graduate dental dean or director of postgraduate dental education to have knowledge and experience equivalent to that of a dental practitioner who has satisfactorily completed foundation training.

Source: The National Health Service (Performers Lists (England), Regulations 2013

Is PLVE A Training Programme?


No, PLVE is not a training programme.

Instead of gaining knowledge, it is a process of assessment that determines if a VT number is possible. This depends on the level and experience of the applicant. The PLVE Panel will review the application and determine if it is eligible for a VT number.

If the Panel decides not to grant a number to the applicant, they will make recommendations on what additional activities the applicant should do before reapplying for another number. These recommendations will be sent to the Performers List.

To apply for PLVE, applicants must be fully GDC Registered and have had some post-qualification clinical experiences in their home country.

How To Enrol In The National Performers List?


NHS England manages entry to the National Performers List through their five regional teams. The NHS England Midlands & East regional team consists of four areas: the West Midlands (West Midlands), North Midlands (Central Midlands) and the East of England (East).

You must apply online to join the National Performers list via the Performers List Service - PCSE Online. This applies to all professions. Primary Care Support England (PCSE) at pcse.performerlists@nhs.net receive the applications andhandles it.

The National Performers List Official Website provides most of the useful information. It also contains a post code search tool that enables you to quickly assess the NHS England Area Team covering the area in which you wish to work.

How Long Is PLVE?


The maximum PLVE Period duration is 2 years. This includes part-time work, excluding maternity leave and long-term sickness absences.

How Do I Find My Dental Performer Number?


Your name will be added to the Compass system as an NHS performer, after you have been enrolled as a registered dentist at the General Dental Council (GDC), and applied to work as a Commissioner (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership/ Local Health Board). A performer number will then be generated and issued.

What To Include In The Portfolio?


Portfolio evidence could include the following:

  • CV showing evidence of UK NHS primary dental career experience
  • Evidence of UK NHS primary dentistry career experience in CV
  • Reflective commentary about the NHS experience
  • clinical references
  • Employment contract and reflection, references to the tutorial discussion
  • A personal development plan (PDP)
  • Statements by colleagues
  • Patient feedback surveys
  • Anonymized patient records
  • Referral letters and responses
  • Minutes of staff meetings
  • Reflections on staff training sessions
  • Record of continuing professional development (CPD), with specific certificates
  • Specific practice protocols, reflections, and references to tutorials.


For more information, please go through the – ‘Competency Framework Guidance’ or contact us at info@jskilzglobal.com. You will be helped by the expert team. They will provide complete guidance and support that will ease your way to getting settled in UK and working for NHS.

How To Apply For The PLVE?


If you are wishing to undertake PLVE as a Validation Experience Dentist (VED) please use this link to the PLVE Applicant page. For any queries relating to Performers List Validation by Experience,you can contact  plve.me@hee.nhs.uk. You can also contact info@jskilzglobal.com. It is a consultancy to help you with all the queries.

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