Doctors jobs in UK

To get a doctor job in the UK, one has to go through GMC Registration, PLAB 1& PLAB 2 exam or MLA route, college exams or medical training initiative, sponsorship if any and lastly registration process. Jskilz guides you step by step to crystal clear the understanding and help you 3600. We brush your skills and keep you updated with the new policies till you don’t get settled.

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Dentist Jobs in UK

Dentist job aspirants are suggested to assess their eligibility criteria through eGDC which is to be followed by GDC Registration, Application fulfilling form. Professionals may have to clear ORE exam if they are qualified outside European Economic Area which includes written and clinical exam. To get licensed in dental surgery, exams are cleared which is conducted in 2 parts.

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Nurses jobs in UK

In order to work in UK as a nurse one is needed to meet the NMC set standards. Those who are qualified outside the UK and European Economic Area NMC assess their skills and knowledge as well as training as per the UK requirement. Since 2014 aspirants are also required to clear IELTS and OET exam with a score of 4 in each module for Tier 2 visa application.

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Physiotherapist jobs in UK

In order to work as a physiotherapist in the UK, one has to register with HCPC. Prior to registration you are required to approve your degree by HCPC. You are also required to Either TOEFL or IELTS exams. To maintain your registration as a practitioner, an annual fee is charged which retains your name on papers. Professional physiotherapists are expected to update their knowledge from time to time.

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In order to work as a radiographer, registration with HCPC is required. To get registered one is needed to submit the filled form followed by the register check. The details of successful applicants automatically register after 10 days which can be confirmed online. In Opposite outsiders of the UK receive confirmation and reference number which is followed by assessment and decision letter. Either TOEFL or IELTS is a must.

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We will help you in

1. Make your registration process easy

Our professionals are proficient with the registration process for each discipline including doctors, nursing, healthcare assistants, pharmacists, dieticians. Our team of experts provide support on each step and suggest you well with all the official documents and formalities needed. We try all possible ways and keep you updated with the latest rules of the NHS (National Health Service).

2. Assistance in the Visa application

Getting a visa might seem tedious for the first comer. It is very challenging to get correct visa information. Aspirants sometimes get trapped in the hands of brokers or third parties and waste their huge amounts of money. We provide exact information and are updated enough to help our benefactor all the way in visa application, documentation and answer all related queries.

3. Interview and Exam preparation

We help you with all the requisites while you prepare for the exam and interview. Our process involves a huge number of articles and study material guidance to stand you out. In the UK, the recruitment process assesses both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. We brush up your skills until you are hired in the UK. We this way help you achieve your goal in very less time and labour.

4. Extended Support on your arrival

When you step in the country, we promptly help you in transportation from the airport, living arrangements and other essentials to make you feel comfortable till your satisfaction level. We have a close partnership with the NHS, private independent health care and schools who can bring the best out of you and provide you an opportunity to work and live the life of doctors in the UK.
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