To work as a doctor in UK by all possible means

Though it is a tough process but we will guide you stepwise how to get a doctor job in UK by the end of this page, you will get each and every vital information that is required for a clear understanding.


At present all UK graduates apply with their medical degrees

► To get enrolled in Medical School- Nearly all schools need written tests and interview, however, each school has its own specific requirements. Graduate Students will need a combination of GCSEs, AS levels, and A levels.
Get awarded with Medical Degree- By the end of the course, you will be awarded with the final degree depending on the university program.
Get License- By the end of the program, one gets license as a proof of their degree completion. He may call a doctor now.
Foundation Program- Getting a medical degree is not sufficient to practice as a professional. One is needed to get into a foundation programme which generally lasts for 2 years. It is a kind of internship which is performed in Asian countries like India.
Get Register with GMC- In order to practice in UK, all doctors have to get register themselves with GMC. Otherwise, it is a criminal offense.
GP/ Specialist- After the foundation programme and getting a license with the GMC, the race is over to practice in UK as General Practitioner (GP). But if someone wants to get specialized in any specific category or want to be a specialist then after they have to train in their preferred specialty or do locum jobs.


CPD (continuous professional development)- The specialists are required to earn CPD, points/ARCPs each year to continue the practice and prove their fitness.


Things vary according to their nationality depending on whether they are graduated in UK, EEA, or outside UK. One can opt different routes to get them registered for doctor jobs in the UK. After you have gone through any of the following process then you can apply for registration with GMC.

PLAB Route: PLAB (The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test) The main focus of this test is to check skills, experience, language proficiency which ensures their fitness for doctor jobs in UK. It is actually a licensing exam to assess whether a doctor is eligible for GMC registration or not. It complies of 2 tests. PLAB1 and PLAB2. One can give PLAB1 exam in their own country but for PLAB2, he has to travel in UK to give the test.

♦ PLAB 1 Exam- It is a MCQ based exam. It comprises of 180 questions which can be given 4 times a year. PLAB 1 exam fee is £240 from 1 April 2021
♦ PLAB 2 Exam- Part 2 is known as OSCE which is a clinical exam and asseses practical knowledge. It contains 18 stations for 8 minutes each. PLAB 2 exam fee is £879 from 1 April 2021

MLA Route: From 2023 UK GMC is introducing MLA (Medical Licensing Assessment), which will be a common assessment exam for all graduates. This is an alternate way for overseas doctors to get job in UK without PLAB. MLA is performed in two parts. First is the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) which is a computer-based test that forms part of MRCGP. In this test, trainees have 3 hours and 10 minutes to answer 200 questions. Questions are approximately 80% on clinical knowledge, 10% on evidence-based practice, and 10 % on primary care organization and management issues.

Acceptable Post-Graduate Qualification: If your post graduate qualification fulfils the GMC criteria, then you can get registration without an exam.

Sponsorship Route: This is basically meant for specialists. In this route, sponsors are required which have their own schemes. Each scheme is pre-approved by GMC. To checklist of approved sponsoring bodies Click Here. When one fulfils the requirement of the scheme, they will provide you with a certificate that will be required at the time of your application with GMC. This route is useful for both the
experienced international doctors who are willing to have an experience in the UK healthcare system or for employers who want to employ highly experienced doctors for a very specific role.

Specialist Registration Route: If a doctor's postgraduate qualification is recognised by GMC, they can apply to be on specialist register straight away without any further exams.

Before attempting for PLAB exams one has to make sure that he has to clear IELTS/OET exam and should score as per the set eligibility. In IELTS one should score 7.5 bands at least and 7 in each module. Both IELTS and OET are valid only for 2 years. This ensures that you have English Proficiency to practice in UK.

Once the registration process is done, the trainee can go for

Foundation Program: After the registration one has to go for Foundation Training. If in case the doctor is not willing to go for Foundation year 1 (FY1) because he has already completed his internship or if one is already MBBS, then he may go for Foundation year 2 (FY2). This will help in building trust, exposure in NHS, experience and he can also choose to
become a trust grade doctor for one or two years to gain experience. This also helps the doctors to get comfortable with UK health care system as it is a transition phase from their own country to UK.

GP/ Speciality/ A&E side: Then after one can work as GP (General Practitioner), or specialties such as Ortho, Surgery, Plastics, Medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory, etc. or in Accident and Emergency side. Each of these specialties has its own training program.


A fresh graduate junior doctor who completed internship and obtained GMC registration through
PLAB can earn between £2200-£2700 per month.


Documents required to apply for the UK Visa vary from person to person, but in general, there are two documents which are must:

► Your valid passport
► Valid confirmation of PLAB2

Apart from this, you will require the following:

► Cover letter
► Bank statements for the last 3/6 months
► Supporting letter from your financial guarantor
► Solvency certificate/List of assets
► Income/Salary certificate
► Evidence of Home address
► Evidence of family members in your home country (Passport copies or national ID copies)
► An affidavit that affirms the declaration of financial scholarship.

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