Role Of GDC In UK:

General Dental Council, GDC is an organization that accounts for the quality dental treatment in the UK. They have set standard guidelines for UK Dental Professionals in order to make them competent in their specific job.

In order to work for NHS, an EEA outside registered dental professional or overseas dental staff has to justify their skills through various exams like ORE OR LDS.

If you clear these exams, GDC then provides you a registration number and you will then become a certified registered dental professional in UK. This allows you to work for NHS under unsupervised ambiance.

The GDC also maintains the UK specialist lists.

The specialist list includes oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, restorative dentistry, dental public health, orthodontics, paediatric, dentistry, oral medicine, oral pathology, dental and maxillofacial radiology, special care dentistry. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a medical specialty and requires dual registration both with the GMC and GDC.

What Is GDC Registration?


Overseas dentists or dental hygienists who wish to work in UK must be “GDC registered”. This ensures that you are capable enough to treat the patients without any supervision. For GDC registration you must clear ORE part 1 and part 2. Qualified candidates receive an email that redirects to the GDC registration page wherein you can apply for the final step of working in UK i.e., “GDC registration”.

What Is The Purpose Of GDC Registration?


You cannot practice in the UK, until you have GDC registration. GDC registered candidates can only work in UK with a full-time job. If you wish to be in the UK for research or training purposes GDC registration is not mandatory but if you want to practise, you must be a GDC registered.

GDC Registration- Eligibility Criteria:


From 1st Jan 2021, some rules have been changed. As per the latest information, GDC registration is available for the below-mentioned categories:

  • A UK qualified DCP Dentist
  • An individual who has passed both ORE Part 1 and 2.
  • An individual who holds a Recognised Overseas Diploma
  • An individual with a relevant European diploma listed under V.3. Annex V of Directive 2005/36/EC at 11 pm GMT on 31 December 2020
  • A first-time temporary registrant applicant
  • A dental care professional or dentist wanting to restore registration.


How To Apply For GDC Registration:


GDC registration can be applied online. You just need to visit This is an eGDC portal wherein you would be asked to sign up. There you will see “Route to Registration” followed by the questionnaire. Provide the asked details accurately. The application form is pretty straight to fill the details. You may fill the application form for multiple posts. In case of any doubt or help, you may send an enquiry at Here, the expert team will guide you with the most suited option in your favour.

Note: Before applying, go through the latest updates and guidelines thoroughly. You may send us email for the latest information. This ensures a higher success rate without delays.

GDC Registration Fee:


To be registered in GDC dentists you must pay the charges. Additionally, each year, this registration must be renewed. This is known as the Annual Retention Fee (ARF).

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This is the cost you pay to put your name on the register.

The coverage begins starting the month in which you're registered until the end of the year of registration. The cost and dates of registration differ for dentists as well as dental professionals (DCPs). The fee you pay depends on the month that your application is submitted to the GDC. It is not possible to pay until your application is verified and is in compliance with all the conditions to be registered.

Registration Fees For Dentists 2022:


Months Name Registration Fee ARF Total
January £680.00 - £680.00
February £623.37 - £623.37
March £566.70 - £566.70
April £510.03 - £510.03
May £453.36 - £453.36
June £396.69 - £396.69
July £340.02 - £340.02
August £283.35 - £283.35
September £226.68 - £226.68
October £170.01 - £170.01
November £113.34 +ARF £793.34
December £56.67 +ARF £736.67


Dental Care Professionals 2020/21:


Months Name Registration Fee ARF Total
January £114.00 - £114.00
February £104.50 - £104.50
March £95.00 - £95.00
April £85.50 - £85.50
May £76.00 - £76.00
June £66.50 - £66.50
July £57.00 - £57.00
August £47.50 - £47.50
September £38.00 - £38.00
October £28.50 - £28.50
November £19.00 +ARF £133.00
December £9.50 +ARF £123.50


How To Pay GDC Registration Fee?


The GDC registration fee is paid online with all major payment methods. You can pay with any major credit or debit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, VISA Electron, Delta, and Maestro. We don't take American Express or Diners Club International. Payments for cards can only be done via the internet using eGDC.

If you're attaching original documents along with your application and wish to have them returned via recorded delivery, please add £10 to the cost of your application.

How Can You Work In Dentistry Without GDC Registration?


For dental receptionists and managers till now there is no guideline. So, without GDC registration you may come for these 2 jobs. However, maybe in future you may face some update.

How Long Does It Take To Register With GDC?


The whole registration process after clearing both parts of ORE takes not more than 10 days.

Is GDC 2022 Online?


In 2022, the whole process can be done online. However, for some posts, while filling out the form you may end up downloading the form which is to be processed offline. For the above written candidate’s online registration is available in 2022.

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How To Check GDC Registration Application Status?


You will receive an email confirming the completion of the online element of the application process. You will be issued with a link to monitor the progress of your application or re-download your documents. To access this information, you will need to provide details of your date of birth, last name and application reference code. Should we not receive your completed application within 45 days, we may cancel your application and you may be requested to undertake the online application process again.


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How JskilzGlobal Can Help You With The GDC Registration Process?


Jskilz global recruits overseas healthcare professionals who are qualified and have taken their degrees outside the UK. Being a developed country and having high living standard talent across the globe wish to settle in UK and work for NHS. We at jskilz global help in fulfilling this dream by proving expert guidance and support. We help you at each step starting from filling the application form, Visa process, IELTS, ORE LDS exam preparation to GDC registration.

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