What Is The New Test Of Competence NMC?


NMC Test of Competence is meant for nurses and midwives who are willing to work in UK. The motive of the whole exam is to assess the overseas talented nurses in order to work for NHS. The new update was effective from 2 Aug’21.

Those who are not appeared for either CBT or OSCE till 2 august have to sit for New NMC Test of Competence only. It comprises many changes and updates.


What Are The Changes To The New Test Of Competence?


  1. CBT Booking platform
  2. CBT fees
  3. CBT exam pattern
  4. Format and Provision of CBT result
  5. OSCE Stations


Format Of The New Test Of Competence:


The format of the new test of competence is explained in detail in this blog. By the end of this blog, you will be crystal clear about the new format of NMC New Test of Competence Test of competence NMC consist of 2 exams CBT and OSCE.




CBT is a 3 hours test which is divided into 2 parts. Part A and Part B

Part A: CBT Part A covers numeracy i.e., medication calculation, time duration 30min for 15 questions.

Part B: CBT covers clinical questions for adult nursing, time duration 2.30 hrs for 100 questions


How To Prepare For CBT?


Click the given link for the preparation details. https://www.nmc.org.uk/registration/joining-the-register/toc/toc-2021/cbt/


CBT Exam Codes For The Application Form:


  • Adult nurse – RNA
  • Mental health nurse - RNMH
  • Learning disabilities nurse - RNLD
  • Children’s nurse - RNC
  • Midwife – RM


Fees For CBT:


The fees of both the parts sum-up £83. In case of resit for Part A only costs £50 while for Part B only £70.


NMC CBT Passing Score:


An applicant must score at least 68% in overall aggregate of both Part A and Part B. For Part A out of 15 questions, 14 are to be answered correctly i.e., 90% passing score is necessary. In part B at least 35 questions are to be answered correctly to get pass.


How To Book For CBT Exam?


After the changes to the CBT booking process, one can book for the exam from pearson VUE’s booking platform. If you face any problem or seeking for assistance, kindly contact info@jskilzglobal.com


What If Someone Fails In Any 1 Exam Part A or Part B?


Both the CBT Part A and Part B are taken together in a single sitting, but are passed or failed independently. You only need to re-sit the part that you’ve failed. Each sitting counts as an attempt. You have three attempts as part of one application, with a minimum of 10 days between each sitting.

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After three failed attempts, your application will close and you will need to wait six months to submit a new application and sit the CBT again.


CBT Result Part A And Part B


The result will be reflected within 15 days. To get clear in both part A and part B, you have to pass both the exams individually. If you pass both the exams together your result will show Pass but if you fail even in any 1 your result will show fail.




OSCE is an exam which tests clinical practical knowledge of nurses and midwives. Earlier before 2 August 2021 it was performed in 6 stations but after 2 nd August, in NEW OSCE it is performed with 10 stations.

  • Station 1 Assessment
  • Station 2 Planning
  • Station 3 Implementation
  • Station 4 Evaluation
  • Stations 1 to 4 are linked together around the single scenario and are together known as
  • “APIE”
  • Station 5, 6, 7 and 8 are grouped into “two pairs of two skills”
  • The last 2 stations station 9 and 10 are meant to assess the candidate’s values and behaviours and evidence-based exams


OSCE is meant to test your clinical and communication skills.


OSCE Test Providers:


1. Oxford Brookes University
2. University of Northampton
3. Ulster University


OSCE Fees:


The fee for the new OSCE is £794. You'll also pay the same reduced resit fee of £397 if you need to re-sit 7 or fewer stations.


How To Apply For OSCE?


Once you have decided to apply for OSCE you can book it with any one of our test providers. For more details, you can send us your query at info@jskilzglobal.com. We will help you with more details about how to apply for New MNC test of competence, where to apply and how to book for both OSCE or CBT.

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