This article is all about the General Dental Council (GDC) registration steps required by all Dental Nurses in order to practice in UK legally. This GDC Registration is a multi-step of complex procedures that require qualifications and skills, an accurate application procedure and the assistance of experienced mentors to cut down time and effort.

It is possible to obtain the GDC Registry issued when your application is approved, and your documentation is verified. This is a requirement to be able to work legally in UK as an approved Dental Nurse.

Updated GDC Registration Process For Dental Nurses - Step-By-Step Guide


Individual assessments are available for applicants with a BDS Dental diploma from an outside country. Registration will be granted when your application is completed in accordance with the established GDC guidelines in the correct format.

First Step: Inquire about an Assessment form from GDC -


Request the proforma form through GDC. The form must be requested via GDC's website. For your ease visit

Then select 'ROUTE TO REGISTER'. It is necessary to fill in the registration form. After you've completed your online application, it's time to send it in.

Second Step: GDC Register Documents as well as the Certificate for Dental Nurses -


These are the documents you must provide at the General Dental Council and A filled Formula for Application (this includes the Character Reference Form).

  • Qualification certificate (certified copy)
  • The syllabus or the course outline from your university or college (certified copy)
  • Your ID card or passport (certified copy) A certified duplicate of your passport has to be submitted. It should clearly display your photograph and personal information along with the expiry date.
  • A recent passport size photo with the signature of the person who is your character's reference. It follows a certain format. Therefore, you must collect it in a specific way.
  • A Good Standing Certificate or a Certification of Professional Status
  • Completely and correctly completed Learning Outcomes form
  • Documents that are not issued in the English language
  • Name change evidence - If you're married, an official copy of your name change certificate
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) the evidence
  • CV in the format you have specified
  • Mark-sheets or transcripts of your course (certified)
  • You must prove that you have the English standard of English required to be registered.
  • A photocopy of the complete application


Third Step: Fill in your form -


The email will include 4/5 of the items that are from the DCP Assessment Team at General Dental Council. Learning Outcomes Form This is the most difficult task. To fill out this form, you'll require the entire university's syllabus or curriculum.

You must ensure that you have completed the proper training outcomes for Dental Nurses. This form is very detailed. It is essential to ensure that there are not any gaps in the qualifications as well as that the training, and CPD are completed to fill in any gaps. GDC is likely to deny your application if you do not fill in the form in a timely manner.

DCP Assessment Forms: You'll need to complete an Application Form, which is also called the DCP assessment form. While it is more than 20 pages, It is fairly simple to complete. All personal details will be required.

Certificate Of Good Standing: This form has to complete this form through The Dental Council or Medical Council that you have certified as a Dental Nurse.

The Professional Reference Form: The Professional Reference form should be completed from an employer that was either a current or former employee of the dental industry.

For help contact

Fourth Step: Time to wait -


This is the time during which GDC members evaluate your application. This is when your application will either be accepted or rejected. There are a variety of reasons why you might not be able to accept your application.

It is always recommended to contact a medical recruitment agency or a professional person. They can guide you through the proper steps to follow for GDC Registration Process for Dental Nurses. GDC will evaluate your application along with all the supporting documents within four weeks after receiving of your application packet.

Fifth Step: GDC Notification -


GDC will notify you when there is any issue in your application. It could also mean returning your application if thought to be incomplete. GDC will contact you to confirm that your application has been received within five business days.

Sixth Step: Forwarding the Application -


GDC is going to forward the request to the panel that is next in line in the event that everything goes according to plan. General Dental Council (GDC) can take up to 4 months from the date of receipt of a completed application to inform applicants that it has decided.

Seventh Step: Confirmation Step of GDC registration -


GDC will inform you when the panel of assessment has completed the test. You will be notified via mail. If you are happy with your registration, you must send the good standing certificate as well as a reference to your character as these documents only have three months of validity.

You must also pay the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) that differs from month-to-month. The amount you pay will depend on the month in which you obtained the registration. For more info contact

This concludes the GDC registration process. Now you are able to work legally in the UK and enjoy your life.

Time Needed In The Entire  GDC Registration Procedure -


The application form filling generally takes 1 month for the agency. The total time needed to complete the entire application is about 6-7 months in an average. The length of time could be increased by 9-12 months based on the nature of the application and the documents provided.

The Total Cost Of The Entire GDC Procedure For Registration -


The cost for registration is 529PS for a single category (Dental Therapist & Hygienist, Dental Nurse and so on) For two titles GDC provides discounts, so two titles registration simultaneously costs just 982PS.

How Do You Achieve Success In The GDC Registration Process?


To be registered successfully in the GDC as a Dental Nurse, you can do by yourself or seek help from our expert team who have gone through this process numerous times and are well-versed in the GDC or consult an expert with decades of experience.

You can contact Their experts will assist you through the entire registration process and your odds of success are increased by a large amount. They have handled hundreds of applications and thus have a thorough understanding of the entire GDC registration process.

What Is The Significance Of GDC Registering Important?


It is a crime in section 39 of the Dentists Act 1984 (as amended) to make use of DCP Titles without being registered with GDC.

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