To become a dentist in the UK, you need to go through a series of remarkable milestones. Though it is not an easy task but it is surely a dream place to work in for talented professionals from under developed or developing countries to the UK. To get job in UK and earning in Euro is really fascinating but what about the expenses you would need to pay?

If you also want to become a dentist or you are already a dentist and looking for job, then read the whole article till end and get crystal clear about the pocket you are going to spend for your dream location.

Dentistry Courses In UK Fees


To become a dentist in UK, you must first be aware of all the reasons for which you would be needed to spend your money:



  • UK Visa for students
  • Fees for English Proficiency Tests
  • Entrance Test Fees
  • Flight Tickets
  • Application Fees


Pre-Arrival Expenses Cost Any Specification
UK Visa for students 447 USD

Once a student is accepted into a dental school, he
should be needed to submit an application for the student visa.

Because dentistry is a higher-education field, students are required to be eligible to be granted for Level 4 General students visas.

It is best to apply six months prior to the date that the course begins. Refer to Visa Requirements for dentists in UK for detailed info.


Fees for English Proficiency Tests

TOEFL 180 to 325 USD

IELTS (245 to 255 USD

Because the classes take place in English, International students must pass English proficiency tests, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.

The cost of TOEFL and IELTS differs from place to place and the quality they are providing.

Entrance Test Fees



Before submitting applications to colleges international students have to take entrance exams such as those administered by the University Clinical Aptitude Test or (UCAT) or the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT).

Many dental schools in UK require UCAT, while the University of Leeds requires students to take BMAT.

Students are required to pay an additional fee of 34 USD to register late.

Flight Tickets 550$ to 1280$ (for e.g., DEL to UK for one way)

It will depend upon the distance from your home country to UK and the type of flight you are opting.

For instance, the case of Indian students, a 1-way tickets between Delhi in India to UK will cost anywhere from approximately 550 USD* or 1280 USD

Application Fees

25$ for one dental college

32$ for multiple campuses

Every dental school in UK accept applications via UCAS. In light of the challenges faced by the students Gyan berry has introduced Admission Counselling Services. Students can benefit from these services to increase their chances of gaining admission to dentist schools within the UK.

The cost for applying to one dental college is 25 USD, and 32 USD for schools with multiple campuses.



  • Living Cost in UK
  • Health Surcharge Fees
  • BDS Tuition Fees
  • MDS Tuition Fees (MSC. /Specialisation)


On-Arrival Expenses Cost Any Specification
Living Cost in UK 9,324 to 15,248

The cost of living in the UK for students from abroad varies on the city they decide to reside.

For instance, Belfast, Newcastle, and Coventry are more affordable in comparison with London.

So, planning carefully the cost of living could help students in their budget.

Refer to the Table 1 for detailed info

Health Surcharge Fees 768 USD*/year

In addition to visas, students from abroad need be eligible for health surcharge. This permits students to access the NHS healthcare service in UK without additional cost and as long as they are permanent citizens in the nation.

The cost is contingent on the duration that the student's visa is valid for. Dentistry students must pay 768 USD* per year as an additional healthcare fee.

BDS Tuition Fees

24,209 to
57,958 USD*/year

The tuition cost of international students (including EU students) is 27,000 pounds during the first year of their studies.
MDS Tuition Fees (MSC./Specialisation) 23,250 to 66,738 USD*/year

The price of the cost of a master's program for dentistry within the UK can range from 23,250 to 66.738 USD* per year.



Table 1: Living Cost Expenses


Living Cost Expenses Cost In USD*/Year Specifications


4,728 to 8,856

Students may choose to live in college which typically includes the cost of utilities and can be expensive, 493 to 738 USD per month

If they are unable to locate housing at their university, they may opt to private accommodations. It's cheaper, but it may not provide utilities such as electricity, gas, and water, 394 to 652 USD per month

Food 2,364 to 2,952 It's less expensive to purchase ingredients and cook your own meals rather than purchasing ready-to-eat meals. Many universities provide cafeteria food at their cafeterias. The price of food could vary between 2,364 and 2,952 USD* per year.
Transportation 468 Transport with a student bus pass is quite affordable and typically costs 468 USD per year.



Insurance (against theft)

Internet and mobile

Personal expenses like clothing, shoes, etc.


588 to 744


216 to 768

500 to 1000

There are scholarships available to help students cover their costs of tuition and living expenses.

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