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Jskilz - A Medical Staff Recruiter

Jskilz is a medical consultancy and outsourcing company which hire medical professionals all around the world. Jskilz aims at providing mutual benefit to deserving aspirants globally and at the same time help NHS/private organisations to fulfil the shortage of healthcare staff in UK.

We work in close partnership with many NHS trusts including language schools to guide the aspirants.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the right talent and help them secure the right jobs. We see ourself as a globally impactful organisation that empowers skills and quality medical professionals to get job in UK fulfilling the demand of NHS and evolve as a reliable and transparent recruiting process.

Our Approch

We pick the talent by assessing their professional skills thoroughly to provide a safe secure and healthy work place thereby giving opportunity to work with experts in UK.

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Frequently asked questions

Answering your common questions

What fees does Jskilz charge?
We do not charge any fee from the applicants.
What is the purpose of Jskilz?
Jskilz aims at providing best suited Medical Professionals overseas to meet the shortage of healthcare professionals in the UK. Also, at the same time we provide extensive career growth to the skilled manpower worldwide.
Who will bear the travel expenses?
Personal expenses like food, travel are borne by the aspirant itself.
How can I get in touch with you for any assistance?
For any assistance one can visit our website and follow any means given in the contact us section.

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