Who Is An Orthodontic Therapist?


An orthodontic therapist is a dental professional person who works in the supervision of a specialized orthodontic dentist. He is neither authorized to diagnose the disease nor to provide the treatment. He actually assists to the specialist dentist and work as per the given instructions. He is one of the important persons in the dental team. To know more about the job responsibilities, visit Orthodontic Therapist.

GDC (General Dental Council) in 1999, announced its decision, that was compulsory for all dental care professionals (DCPs). According to it, they all must get registered with GDC prior to their practise. Only at that time two new disciplines of DCP were introduced: clinical dental technicians and orthodontic therapists.

In 2007 the first orthodontic therapy course began in Leeds Dental School, with the first group of orthodontic therapists earning the Diploma in Orthodontic Therapy in the year 2008 (Kettler and Stephens in 2011,). It is a very demanding job in the UK and its trend is increasing day by day. If you plan to become an orthodontic therapist in the UK, you should be registered with the GDC. These therapists must fulfill few requirements as per the GDC.

GDC Specialized Orthodontics Therapist Requirements -


1. Complete the orthodontic therapist course from any good school.
2. Get enough clinical experience to have good command over your job.
3. Must be registered on the DCP registered with the GDC in the UK. For it, get the diploma of Orthodontic Therapy exam at any good school. Contact info@jskilzglobal.com for more help.
4. As per the norms, a minimum of 150 hours of CPD over a 5-year cycle is mandate to maintain registration.
5. Out of these 150 hours, minimumof 50 hours of this requirement must be ‘verifiable CPD’ in specific subjects.
6. As a prior education you must qualify dental nursing, dental hygiene, dental therapy or dental technology.
7. Indemnity Insurance is required.
8. Have employment in the orthodontic clinical setting.

Additional Requirements for EEA outside Dental Professionals -


For the dental professionals who are qualified outside the UK and wish to work in UK, also need to get registered with the GDC. For them, all the above written requirements have to be fulfilled. Additionally, they require Overseas Registration Examination (ORE). After qualifying ORE, they become eligible for the GDC full registration to work in the UK.

The Route To Register In The GDC -


Dental Professionals all across the globe including European citizens, has to fulfil certain formalities and paperwork in order to prove their clinical skills and knowledge. GDC registration is one such way to prove that you are authorized and competent enough to serve the UK patient. Thus, GDC registration is a mandatory process before starting to practise in the UK.

We at Jskilz global help professionals like you in fulfilling the requirements, providing guidance, suggesting the best hospital and, lots more. Thus, the route to register in GDC starts at info@jskilzglobal.com.

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