What Is Mixed Dental Practice?


Mixed dental practice refers to the dental treatment involving services of both NHS and private dental clinics.
It is observed that the patient being treated in NHS often opt for particular services in private clinics hoping for better ambiance, care, and priority treatment.

Sometimes, the doctors working privately suggest NHS for few services which only NHS can provide. Few services like a beauty treatment, cosmetic surgery facility is not available in NHS, this enforces the patient to get treated privately. So, mixed dental practice offers a treatment having a combination of both private and NHS services.

People think that they will get treated better in private clinics and will attain more focus. Hence it has been observed that people practice mixed dentistry. for e.g., Get checked up in the NHS and get procedures done privately. Generally, after discussion, your dentist suggests which treatment NHS has to provide and which treatment should be taken privately along with the associated costs.

Secrets Of Mixed Dental Practice


We prefer to go to the private doctors assuming that they will provide good treatment, whereas many times, it is seen that the same doctor is working in the NHS too. It means the patient is going to get the same treatment in both places. The only difference one can feel is the special care, assistance, comfortable bed, and a separate room in contrast to NHS. One may have to pay much more for all these comforts despite for the same facility. So, one must make sure his about his priorities whether saving money or experiencing more comfort.

Future Of Mixed Dental Service


After a survey, it was found the government has not set clear laws and regulations for the private and mixed dental sector which is a reason of concern for most UK dentists. However, the government does not oppose too. Due to a lack of knowledge and poor understanding, the government has not set appropriate and satisfactory laws for a mixed dental practice. In the future, mixed dental practice is going to boom for sure, and also the government will set some rules for the same in favor of both patients and doctors.


What Promotes The Mixed Dental Practice In UK


Mixed dental practice i.e., working privately alongside NHS performs a vital role in maintaining healthy oral health.

  • In favor of dentists, it allows them to earn extra, to settle their private clinic successfully, to make their private work more recognized and hence popular day by day. It is the first step of their plan to become fully private. They take it as another source of income and opportunity to deliver different treatments.
  • At the same time in favor of patients they get extra care, more focus of dentists, comfortable beds, rooms outside the limitations of the NHS dental contract.
  • Mixed dental practices accolade NHS dental service provision by allowing patients access to get treatment outside of the NHS contract.
  • If we are destined to provide a preventive approach to oral health, as described by the recent DHSC white paper, then mixed practices must form a crucial part of how we step towards the nation's oral and wider health positively. On a whole host of health issues - from mouth cancer to diabetes and heart disease - mixed dental practices are well placed to deliver the preventive oral and wider health measures necessary in the emerging future healthcare landscape.

What Demotes Mixed Dental Practice


  • Lack of proper understanding and the benefits of private dentistry favoring the oral health of the nation.
  • The lack of satisfactory rules and laws of government also demotes mixed dental practice. This acts as a hindrance in practicing private dentistry along with NHS in full fledge.

Points To Remember Before Entering Into The Private Sector


  • Comparative description of prices and treatments for both NHS and private dental clinics
  • How to combat with the expectations of different patients
  • This very important to make clear about the prices and treatments to be done in NHS or Private dental clinic.
  • Patients receiving private treatment may have different expectations about the service they should receive.
  • You have to make sure that they feel they are receiving value for money.


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