To apply for a job in the NHS, the very first step is to find a job, which matches your skill, that suits your interest and that complies with your past experience and practical knowledge. The responsibilities of the job you are willing to apply in must be aware by you, so that you can cross every milestone of the whole process and in the end, you will be sure of your victory.

By the end of this article, you would have gathered sufficient necessary information to apply for the job successfully without any assistance. But, if still, you met any doubt you can consult our experts at Jskilz global by sending your query at

How To Apply For NHS Jobs- Step By Step Guide:


  1. Find a suitable job matching to your skills and profile
  2. Filling your Application Form Online

In order to fill your application form online, you must be ready with prerequisites like,

  • Your academic proofs
  • Previous employment proofs including references information which cover at least 3 years of your employment
  • Photograph complying guidelines
  • Your excellent Job Profile or CV. The CV must be prepared in such a way that it answers all the questions your job profile may ask for. You may get help from our immigration consultants at Jskilz Global, about how to make perfect CV for NHS jobs. They will help you head to toe for your outstanding CV for the NHS Application Process.


 Your CV must contain a header, Your objective to apply for that particular job, Academic details, training details, Medical job experience if any, Research if done any, Job responsibilities you have gone through, Extracurricular skills if performed ever, language you can communicate in, Hobbies, Practical Experience/ Skills you have learned during your work and at last, you must mention references to build a trust factor.

 In short, you have to somehow sell yourself through your CV and make sure it should be concise and presentable.

  • You must give supporting information for all the details you are giving in the application form, in order to higher the chance of your selection as the employer would then find you perfect for his need.
  • You must be aware of the closing date and apply early.


     3. Answer the questions you have been asked before you actually start the application process. These questions make sure whether you are a good fit for the job you are applying for or not.

     4. Tick the declaration box and then click submit

     5. You will get the application form, which you need to fill with all relevant information in small letters.

     6. In the whole process of filling the form you can save it for future continuation if you feel so for any reason.

     7. Once you complete the application submit it. You can fill the application for multiple job profiles also from the same NHS job portal. If your skills comply you must apply for multiple vacancies. This will increase your chances of being successful.

     8. Now you have to keep yourself updated with your email id and NHS jobs account to get in touch with NHS notifications related to your job application.


How To Set Up An NHS Jobs Profile?


In order to apply for any job in the NHS website, the very first step is to open the website and register yourself as a job applicant by making an account with your personal email id. Then visit the My profile section and fill your correct information. This will be helpful to you while you will apply for any particular job so make sure that the job profile should be very good and attractive to the reader.

This is the first ladder for your NHS job application and your way to be on UK land as a healthcare worker. It is divided into 7 sections which you have to fill one by one:

1. Personal Information: This section asks for your name, address, contact details etc. Also, this section mentions your visa information. If you already have any, mention that clearly if you don’t have mention that also, this will make the employer understand that he has to provide you with the letter of sponsorship.

2. Qualifications: Fill your Academic qualifications along with the training you have credited into your account. Here, there will be an option related to your GMC Registration. Even if you don’t have so, it is a smart step to choose the option from the drop down “UK Professional registration and license to practise required and applied for”

3. Employment History: This asks for your working experience wherein you have gained some sort of practical skills which might be useful for the NHS also. Herein you can add your internship also mentioning clearly. This section is one of the most considerable sections for the employer. Here you might be needed to exaggerate your skills to stand out amongst other applicants.

If you have any gap, give your reason for employment gap. It is advisable to mention that you were preparing for some exams like PLab1 or IELTS if you don’t have any other strong reason.

4. Referees: For any job application, this section asks for the 3 references from your previous employment. You must inform them prior mentioning their names as they might be contacted as a pre-employment verification check.

5. Supporting Information: Here you would require to give declaration of practical experience, likewise, you have to give details about the skills or techniques you have practiced with or without supervision while working in the health care institute. As we will go further in this section, here you would be asked to provide some highlights of your practical proficiency and experience in written.

This requires your smartness to justify your skills learnt till then. Also, there is section which ask about your teaching experience, Management and leadership experience, Team working which you have to answer with relevant examples to justify the same.

6. Monitoring Information: This asks for your general information like Date of Birth, ethnicity, Relationship and religion.

7. Safeguarding: This section is to make sure that it is safe to employ you in the NHS for Public Health. This is more of a legal term including any past criminal record or something.

In the end, you declare and submit the application. Read twice or thrice to make sure, there is no spelling or grammatical mistake. Despite the high-quality information such mistakes give a very wrong impact to your application.


What Is TRAC Jobs?


If you want to apply for NHS (National Health Service) Jobs, you can visit NHS website and can apply from there. TRAC is another platform for applying for NHS jobs. Generally, TRAC is used mostly by employers, as through this platform, it is easy for them to process your application. Through this they can set up your interview and can also access links for references.

With the email id you made your NHS account, you should open an account here too with the same email. Here you get the option for a new job alert every day to keep you in touch with daily new vacancies.

If you want to search for a job in TRAC and wish to apply via NHS website so that you don’t have to create a job profile again, you can do so by searching for the same job in the NHS website with the given Job Reference No from the advert in TRAC.

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